Hell Razah

When All Hell Breaks Loose (2001)
Freedom of Speech (2004) (with 4th Disciple)
Renaissance Child (2007)
Razah’s Ladder (2007) (with Blue Sky Black Death)
Ultra Sounds of a Renaissance Child (2008)
Heaven Razah (2010)
Razah Reborn (2011)
Living After Death (2013)
El Raziel (2015)

Return Of The Renaissance

Sunz of Man

The Last Shall Be First (1998)
Saviorz Day (2002)


Black Market Militia (2005) (with Black Market Militia)
Welcome to Red Hook Houses (2008) (with Shabazz the Disciple, as T.H.U.G. Angelz)

Hell Razah Mixtapes

DJ Rated R & Hell Razah – Creeperz II
Wingz Up Heaven Razah – The Family Guy Mixtape (mixed by DJ Calculus) (2011)
Hell Razah – Black Presidents Mixtape Vol.1
Hell Razah – Burn Babylon Burn (mixtape)
Hell Razah – Digital Dope Music Dosage One (2007)
Hell Razah – Election Day (mixtape) (2014)
Hell Razah – Gates Of Hell (2014)
Hell Razah – GGO Under Seraphim Authority vol. 2
Hell Razah – Identity Crisis (Mixtape) (2013)
Hell Razah – Inferno (mixtape)
Hell Razah – My Life Heaven and Hell (mixtape)
Hell Razah – Paradise Lost (mixtape)
Hell Razah – Patriot Act (mixtape)
Hell Razah – Rapid Refund Mixtape
Hell Razah – RazahRection (Mixtape) (2013)
Hell Razah – Sonograms O A Renaissance Child (Mixed by DJ Rated R) (2013)
Hell Razah – The Galactic Leyline Vol. 1 (2012)
Hell Razah ft GGO United Hoods of America Mixtape Vol. 1
Hell Razah presents Ghetto Government – Return Of The Renaissance (2013)
Hell Razah presents Ghetto Government – United Hoods Of America Vol. 3 (2013)
Hell Razah presents Ghetto Government – USA Under Seraphim Authority Vol.1 (2013)
Hell Razah – Return Of The Renainance
Hell Razah presents Ghetto Government – USA Martial Law Vol.2 (2014)
Hell Razah – GGO Inauguration (Mixtape) (2015)
Kappo aka Yung Razah – Sun Of Man (Mixtape) (2014) Kappo (Hell Razah’s Son) – Salute (Mixtape) (2012)

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